Development Alternatives Inc. (USA)

In 2016 MDN provided technical and academic consulting for realization of study tour in local governance for Afghan delegation in (Turkey). MDN was contracted by DAI in the framework of Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope and Resilience Program (SHAHAR). SHAHAR is USAID-funded project implemented by DAI in Afghanistan.


U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) of State Department

MDN cooperates with US MEPI-funded projects. Thus in 2016 it realized training workshops on municipal administration and municipal communication for Libyan mayors, in the framework of Libyan Local Government Officials Local Council Administration and Legitimacy (LOCAL) Programme, implemented by Creative Associates International (CAI).

Gaziantep Büyükşehir Belediyesi

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality (Turkey)

In 2015 MDN has realized consultancy assignment for strategic development of global city policies for Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. The project consisted of study and preparation of “Report on Analysis of the City of Gaziantep with Regard to Global City Indicators” and “Report for International Cooperation Strategy".


United States Agency for International Development

USAID-funded projects have constituted main source of activities of MDN. These include various study tours to Turkey in local governance and in PPP (Palestine/Global Communities 2014, Ukraine/FHI360, Afghanistan/DAI, 2016).

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

German Agency for International Cooperation

MDN provided institutional development assistance to the Ministry of Local Administration, Relief and Refugees (MOLARR) of the Syrian Interim Government, under contract with the Secretariat of Friends of the Syrian People, implemented by German Technical Cooperation (GIZ). The work realized in 2014 and 2015 in Gaziantep, Turkey.


International Relief and Development, Inc.

MDN acted as sub-contractor in 2015 for administrative and logistical support in Gaziantep (Turkey) for Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)-funded “Capacity Support for Civil Society” project implemented by IRD. Moreover in 2014 and 2016 IRD and MDN partnered for joint project biddings for US State Department and DFID related funds.


Belgian Technical Cooperation

MDN provided assistance to local government project implemented by BTC Palestine for realization of a study tour in local governance for Palestinian officials to Turkey (2014). The tour was a joint activity with USAID-funded project implemented by Global Communities.


FHI 360 (formerly Family Health International)

Contracted by FHI360 MDN provided technical consultancy for design and implementation of study tour to Turkey for Ukrainian delegation in the field of PPP. The activity was realized in 2014 in the framework of USAID-funded Public Private Partnership Development Program in Ukraine (P3DP).


Creative Associates International

MDN organized trainings on municipal administration and municipal communication for Libyan mayors, in the framework of Local Council Administration and Legitimacy (Baladiyati) Programme. The activities were realized in 2016 in Turkey and in Tunisia. Baladiyati is implemented by Creative Associates and funded by US MEPI.

US National Academy of Science

Middle East and North Africa Educational Institute on Responsible Science (NAS MENA III)

MDN in partnership with Marmara University and NAS organized in 2016 training seminar on "Responsible Science" to promote international standards of responsible conduct of research. MDN team is involved in MENA III since 2015 along with Iraqi, Libyan, Moroccan and Turkish academicians.


Madinah Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship

MDN and MILE signed partnership agreement in 2014, while MDN President was nominated International Ambassador of MILE, and also Academic Committee Member for High Performance Governments (HPG) Program. MILE is based in Madinah (KSA) and provides world‐class training programs for C-level executives.