MDN Team Participates in 7th Arabic Competitions


MDN President Murat Daoudov and Advisor Mehdi Zouaoui participated in the 7th International Arabic Competitions held in Kızılcahamam, Ankara Province of Turkey, on 29-31 May 2016. The Arabic Competitions held for 7th consecutive year are organized by the Ministry of National Education of Turkey and Akademi Society for Language and Scientific Research.

The objective of this educational and cultural organization is to promote the learning of Arabic language and to improve the teaching techniques in Turkish schools through series of activities such poetry recitation, grammar competition, oratory skills, debate, theater, music and calligraphy. Hundreds of middle and high schools from among imam-hatip and project schools in which Arabic language is taught throughout Turkey take part in the competitions that are gradually organized on provincial, regional and national levels, and finally on international level with the participation of foreign students. Murat Daoudov and Mehdi Zouaoui are members of the Coordination Committee of the Competitions, while Mehdi Zouaoui also sits in the Academic Committee which oversees the preparation of the texts used in the contests. Also MDN Media Advisor Dr Nizar Herbawi acted as master of ceremony during the final award ceremony of the event.

Speaking during the ceremony of awarding the winners Murat Daoudov drew attention of the students to the strategic importance of learning the Arabic language. Stressing the importance of studying both Arabic and English, he made the following comparison of their respective importance. English exercises a horizontal function as it is a strong tool for communicating with the globe and for acquiring the knowledge in today’s world. At the same time Arabic has vertical importance, as it is on one side key language for connection with the civilizational past of the Islamic world and beyond, and on the other, and this is of utmost importance, it is the unique instrument for building bridges with the future generations. While all languages, naturally, raise and decline, transform and change, the Arabic language, safeguarded by the Holy Qur’an, will always be a living one easily accessible to future generations. Daoudov encouraged the students to study and practice Arabic as any literary or scientific work written in Arabic will be directly usable through ages by any average educated Arabic speaker, unlike other languages. 

MDN continues to support various social, cultural and educational activities as part of its original business model approach of social knowledge enterprise.

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1 June 2016

24 Shaaban 1437