International Migration and City Relations Discussed in Samsun


The International Migration Congress has been co-organized by 19 May University and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and was held in Samsun on 21-23 April 2016. President of MDN and lecturer at Marmara University Murat Daoudov made important remarks during his opening academic speech entitled “Relationship Between International Migration and City, Local Government and Local Policies”.

The conference under the theme "Forced Migration to Turkey: Refugees, Local Welcoming and Adaptation Practices" was attended by experts from Turkey, Belgium, Germany and Checz Republic and tackled the issues of local dimension of international migration, its relationship with local governments, and the role that the municipalities should play in the field. Murat Daoudov stressed the importance of empowering local governments in the field of international migration and underlined that the integration can be succedded if handled at the local level. He explained that in the developed countries the local governments are empowered in dealing with social and culural dimensions of international migration, and pointed at the fact that in Turkey municipalities are well-equipped actors to undertake such role. However, he stressed, from the point of view of legislation and regulations, the municipalities are "impacted but unempowered" actors in that they face the consequences of migration to the cities although the legislation ties their hands.

Daoudov defended that an active involvement of municipalities through necessary legal modifications will balance and redress the migration management system, and thus the burden on the central government will decrease in the areas of social and cultutal services to the immigrants. The city of Samsun seems to be a good candidate to play a pilot role in Turkey and to offer a successful example to the country. Therefore Daoudov suggested to establish a "strategic wisdom center" at local level in accordance with the migration management model that he developed. 

On the other side speaking of the strategic dimensions of migration Daoudov called to create a strong link between integration policy and citizenship policy in order to turn the migration phenonmenon into a long-term benefit for Turkey. The ternary approach of migration-integration-citizenship should be constantly in action as a gradual incentive policy, and such approach is actually the reason of the attractiveness of developed countries.

On the occasion of the visit to Samsun Murat Daoudov and MDN's Administrative Manager Elif Şentürk have met the Mayor of Samsun, the Governor of Samsun and the representatives of 19 May University, and ahev discussed potential cooperation. Also Ms Şentürk, who specializes in migration policy in global cities in her master degree study at the Department of Global Cities of Marmara University, helped during the conference in translation between local and international experts.

At the second day the Turkish Minister of Youth and Sport Akif Çağatay Kılıç made a speech at the of the conference which received a large coverage by local press and media. 


23 April 2016

16 Rajab 1437


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