Importance of Language Learning for Youth Stressed by MDN


MDN Team participated in the educational seminar on “Importance of Language Learning and its Methods” organized by Istanbul University’s language and Culture Club at the premises of Eurasia Institute on April 07, 2016. MDN President Murat Daoudov and MDN’s Education Policy Adviser Mehdi Zouaoui participated in the event along with other experts.

The panel session was chaired by Dr. Ömer İshakoğlu from Istanbul Üniversity. In his speech Murat Daoudov highlighted the key role of language in building the youth’s personality that will help them to succeed in their professional lives. He underlined that he uses the term of “language learning” rather than the usual title of “foreign language learning”, because using the qualification of “foreign” sets a psychological barrier with something distant and not easy to access, while language learning is and should be seen as an easy and accessible task. As methodology he stressed the importance of starting by an intense listening phase by means of audio and visual resources. Especially he advised to use TV news channels for that purpose.

From his side, Mehdi Zouaoui highlighted that language is a communication system that is distinguished from other systems in some key characteristics. This has led linguists to divide languages according to different notional systems such as syntax, origin and others. Also, the motivation to learn foreign languages, says Mehdi, are of two sections: integrative and instrumental ones where merging both is the optimal. By the end of his presentation he provided some tips on how to benefit from the above mentioned notions in picking up languages. 

The last presentation was delivered by Dr. Abdussamet Bakkaloğlu who touched on the importance of practicing learning rather than only theorizing it and to learn from one’s mistakes since they only represent a developmental stage of the learning process. He recommended to the students to cut off their daily relationship with their mother tongue as much as possible in order to be able to immerse into the new target language. 

The event is part of a series seminars in universities and schools on the matters of youth personality development and language learning initiated by MDN President Murat Daoudov based on his original methodology. 


7 April 2016

29 Jumada Al-Thani 1437