Advices to Youth on Future and Personality Development


President of MDN Murat Daoudov delivered a seminar entitled “Advices to Youth on Future and Personality Development” at Çamlıca Anadolu Imam Hatip Girls High School in Istanbul. The seminar took place on April 19, 2016 and witnessed an active participation of students who benefited from various recommendations that aimed to help them in developing their personalities.

According to Daoudov the youth should be courageous, should have big dreams and set high goals. ”The bigger are your dreams the more efforts you will spend. Consequently, even if you “fail” in the middle of the road without realizing fully your dream you already will be reaching a great deal of this quest” he said. Speaking on the importance of the strategies of youth personality development Daoudov demonstrated the relation between the characteristics and interests in the childhood and the professional path in the adulthood. Much in line with the Arabic saying of “what you’re brought up with, will bring up with you”, he passed on his personal life experience to the students to support this message.

This activity has been part of a series of seminars that Murat Daoudov, MDN President and lecturer at Marmara University, holds in universities and schools on the matters of personality development and language learning for the youth. He based his recommendations for the youth on five main pillars: dreaming, reading, learning languages, human relations and faith. The activity ended with a fruitful discussion about youth and coaching held with the school management.


19 April 2016

12 Rajab 1437